Slender Wonder

He feels that the dangers of obesity includes diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and hormonal imbalances, and that these symptoms can lead to a poor and low self image as well as depression. Healthy weight loss can assist in making individuals feel healthier, look better, use less medication and live longer. People that want to lose weight also want to look younger and better, resulting in a need for an anti-aging department in Dr Toerien’s practice and so Face and Body Synergie was established five years ago.


Loose 6-8kg/month)

This is a weight loss program under medical supervision. This flexible, practical plan will help you change your eating habits without starving yourself. We use up to date natural weight loss aids to help your body burn fat, lose weight and feel better. We help you achieve success by focusing on the mental, emotional as well as physical aspects involved in losing weight .

First Month:  +/- R 3800.00

Follow Up Months:  +/- R 3000.00

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