Palomar Permanent Hair Reduction & Skin Rejuvenation



Photo-rejuvenarion is a non-surgical approach to skin renewal that can transform your looks for the better - and it lets you return to your normal activities right away.

Pulses of light make all the difference, because they target hair, pigment and vessels in your skin without harming surrounding tissue. The result? You feel little to no discomfort during the procedure, and your skin can look and feel better than ever.

Stop covering and concealing your skin imperfections - and get back to the clear, youthful skin you desire, quickly, easily, and with minimal downtime. It's possible with optimized-light photorejuvenation treatment - an advanced treatment that helps clear undesirable pigment and vessels from your skin, revealing clearer skin that you'll be proud to show off.

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Area Individual Package of 4  
Full Face R1620.00 R5832.00  
Neck R500.00
Neck & Decolote R1120.00 R4032.00  
Full Face & Neck R1820.00 R6552.00  
Full face, Neck & Decolote R2230.00 R8028.00  
Nose R260.00 R936.00  
Cheeks R400.00 R1440.00  
Nose & Cheeks R650.00 R2340.00  
Hands (both) R760.00 R2736.00  
Lower Arms R1520.00 R5472.00  
Full Arms  R2330.00 R8388.00  

Note for all men & woman treatments

4-8 Treatments required for maximum effect

4-6 weeks apart

All pirices include VAT

Upper lip / Moustache R290.00 R1 566.00  
Cheeks R360.00 R1 944.00  
Chin R300.00 R1 620.00  
Beard R860.00 R4 644.00  
Full Face R1 120.00 R6 048.00  
Side burns R290.00 R1 566.00  
Unibrow R220.00 R1 188.00  
Under arms R470.00 R2 538.00  
Fore arm R650.00 R3 510.00  
Upper arm R650.00 R3 510.00  
Full arm R1 070.00 R5 778.00  
Chest R1 570.00 R8 478.00  
Tummy R920.00 R4 968.00  
Navel / Navel line R260.00 R1 404.00  
Half Back R1 270.00 R6 858.00  
Full Back R2 280.00 R12 312.00  
Bikini line (only sides of the bikini) R560.00 R3 024.00  
Brazilian (slightly deeper on sides & on top) R780.00 R4 212.00  
Extended Bikini (sides & slightly down the leg) R1 070.00 R5 778.00  
Full bikini R1 230.00 R6 642.00  
LEGS & FEET      
Lower Leg R1 720.00 R9 288.00  
Upper Leg R1 720.00 R9 288.00  
Full Leg R3 040.00 R16 416.00  
Toes R190.00 R1 026.00  
Feet R190.00 R1 026.00  
Toes & Feet R320.00 R1 728.00