Cooltech Fat Freeze

How does Cryotechnology (fat freeze) work?

Two handles (applicators) are placed on the target area and the tissue (localized fat pocket) is drawn into these handles via intense vacuum pressure.

Due to the vacuum action, the blood circulation in the treatment are is temporarily interrupted. The treatment area has a separation of tissue in which fat cells have been isolated from the rest of the living/surrounding structures.

The living structures have thus been protected from the extreme cold temperatures. Fat also freeze faster than other organs.

After a minimum treatment duration of 45 minutes, the fat cells crystalize. We then massage the area to break down the crystals, resulting in an inflammatory reaction where your lymphatic system will help to remove the damaged fat cells over a period of time. The natural metabolic process will rids the body of toxins and you will start to see results after about 3 weeks. Expect to see optimal result 1-3 months after treatment. Two to three sessions are recommended - depending from person to person.


1 Handle (eg. Directly over tummy) R2500.00

1 Area / 2 Handles (eg. On both upper arms) R4000.00

2 Areas / 4 Handles (eg. On both arms and both muffins) R5500.00

3 Areas / 6 Handles (eg. Both arms, muffins and bra bulges) R7500


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